Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do You Have Buffet Pants?

In my "healthy eating, healthy weight" class last weekend the attendees were talking about some previous habits that led them to becoming overweight. Now Janet is losing weight by making healthier choices, but what did she do to get to her present state of overweight?
"I used to have buffet pants," she confessed. "I had pants that were a little bit too big on me, roomy and with an elastic waist. When I would go out to eat at a buffet I would wear them, knowing that I would want the extra room when I finished eating all I could". Wow! She was planning to eat so much that she anticipated becoming uncomfortable in regular pants. She wore special pants to accomodate for the belly bloat she knew she would experience after an all-you-can-eat buffet. Does that sound familiar to anyone out there?

Here's the good news: she planned ahead! Now Janet can use this 'skill' she already knows she has. She can plan ahead before meals. This is such an important step when trying to lose weight. Thinking about the choices you will make ahead of time prevents deciding on something spur of the moment. Usually our spur of the moment choices are those we make just because we want something that sounds good or tastes good; not because it is a healthier, lower calorie and lower fat choice.
Now Janet plans her meals ahead of time. She knows what she's going to make for dinner ahead of time, she plans a smart choice for lunch before she goes to work, and she knows what she's going to order before she goes out to dinner. Most restaurants make their menus available online, some even pointing out their healthier choices.

If you have been able to plan what you were going to eat ahead of time when dining out in the past, you can still do it! I know I've heard many overweight people do this time and again--think about it. How many times have you looked forward to a particular dining experience, saying, "I can't wait to go there this weekend; I'm going to have their ribs--they are delicious!" or "I am really looking forward to the fettucini alfredo tonight--it's the best!" See? I know you've done it before so you can do it again! This time, try preparing ahead of time for the delicious entree that's a lower calorie choice. "That place has the best baked salmon/roasted chicken breast/broiled pork chops". Say it with me now, "I am going to enjoy exactly half of the plate tonight and savor the other half tomorrow for lunch".

Planning ahead is not hard and it is not new. You've done it before, but for a different reason. Now try doing it for the best reason--your new healthy eating plan!

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