Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are We Sending Mixed Messages?

 I received this picture in my email the other day, among several from a group called "Friends of Irony"... Yes, isn't it ironic, the seriousness of the billboard declaring that childhood obesity is a real health issue, with the happy girl underneath proudly displaying two bags full of fast food! The fast food picture features--not a yogurt parfait or a carton of low-fat milk (no, that might be a decent message)--but a huge order of fries, a soda, and a sandwich that looks like it contains a fried chicken patty.
Are we sending mixed messages?
Do we tell people to eat healthy foods and then rationalize why burgers and fries are okay sometimes? Are you telling your kids one thing but then showing them something else? Should the schools go back to serving a balanced meal without letting kids have the choice of burgers from the grill or chips from the vending machine?
Post your comments and let's get a discussion going: How do you think we can help raise this generation to make healthier choices and live longer without chronic diseases popping up in their 20's!