Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Will I Get Through Halloween Without Eating Candy?

This is a tough time of year if you're someone who likes to watch your intake of calories. It's only the beginning of being surrounded by tempting treats: People inviting you to parties, bringing in leftover candy from trick-or-treaters, leading up to more and more cookies and candies from Thanksgiving through Christmas. What's a sensible person to do?
Personally, I buy candy I don't like. I'm unusual in the sense that I'm not a big fan of chocolate. For me, buying Snickers fun-size bars or Milky Ways is not going to tempt me when they're around for the kiddies. If you are a chocoholic, what kind of candy doesn't interest you? Maybe candy corn does nothing for you (one of my favorites!), or the popular Sponge-Bob Crabby Patties turn you off. Choose whatever bags of candy you find least interesting so the temptation won't be there.
If you do have candy in the house that tempts you, ask someone to hide it for you so it will be out of sight. I usually hide treats from my family members in the potholder drawer where I know they will never venture. They'll know a place you won't look, too, like ... well, I don't want to give away any secrets!
So, the first step: Buy candy you aren't interested in, and second, have someone else be "keeper of the candy" until Halloween is over.
Have leftovers? Bring them to your workplace or, better yet, donate them to your local food pantry where they will toss a few pieces in with every family's grocery bag.