Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chef Ramsay shows cooking at home beats going out!

I caught this show for the first time last week (on BBC) and thoroughly enjoyed it! The chef famous for yelling and swearing at novice chefs who flub up in the kitchen, takes a kinder turn in this series. He finds people who subsist on take out, fast food, and otherwise horrible contributions to a healthy diet (not to mention wallet) and shows them how they can cook their own wonderful meal that is good for them in less than 30 minutes.
I have my own version of a lesson in healthy, quick meals (The Virtual Dinner Coach) to show the average American Mom how to get good food on the table in a hurry for a small family. But his are much more detailed meals: Curry Chicken that includes a cinnamon stick and coconut milk as part of the ingredients; beef stew cooked on a portable camping stove for construction workers to make their lunch on site; and even a contest for the best meatloaf with the rock star Meatloaf!
It was nice to see another side of Ramsay, teaching English citizens to cook, showing them they can really do it even when they didn't believe they could, and enjoying the outcome--how proud the guys are when they taste their own delicious meal! Here's a clip with a man who orders take-out so often the restaurant knows his name and his usual order: Ramsay shows him how to make the same dish in less time than the restaurant can deliver it

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