Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Share Your Calories With A Friend

The other day my husband and I were meeting a large group of friends for lunch. We arrived at our destination early and killed some time wandering through a local market and then a used bookstore. While at the market I succumbed to an urge for something to nibble on to tide me over for the next 45 minutes and bought a bag of marshmallows.
First I read the ingredients and the serving size and the calories per serving, of course. The fact that four marshmallows had 100 calories did not prevent me from purchasing the bag. I did keep in mind, though, that there were 15 servings in the package and that eventually, if ate the entire bag it would provide me with nearly half a pound's worth of calories.
I had two and put the bag away. After lunch we went with all our friends for a hike in a local park. I brought the bag of marshmallows out with me, hoping I would have some help emptying it and be left with only a few for later. Just three or four interested people came forth and helped themselves to one or two. One of the men came back soon for another, and later for another, and during our walk came by a third time and was by then a bit apologetic. "It looks like I'm eating more of these than you are," he said.

"Oh, I appreciate someone to share my calories with--please help yourself," I encouraged him. "You see," I went on, "I read the label and there are 1500 Calories in this bag!"
"Well, for heaven's sake," he exclaimed, "Whatever you do, don't eat the bag!"


Rose said...

Nice idea of sharing food with others. We can control our weight.
"Don't eat the bag" simply superb :-)
Cool blog and keep it up.
health tips

Ken Karnack said...

Where can I get some marshmellows.? ken

I would like to join your blog