Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surrounded by Food--No Wonder We're Fat

One of the reasons our society is struggling with obesity is because of our innate drive to obtain food, coupled with the present-day availability of food. It makes sense that we want food whenever we see it; this is part of what has kept the human race surviving for so long. We get the energy and nutrition we need from food, and in the remote past (thankfully not recently for most of us) food wasn't always available. We had to eat it when we saw it.
Now, however, it's become a different story. Food is wherever we are. We store food from the grocery store in our house indefinitely, perhaps in pantries, and perhaps on the table next to where we watch TV.
For the times we are out of the house we stash some in our purse or backpack or in our desk drawers at work.
If we're going to be on the road, we stash a snack in our glove compartment. That's just in case there isn't a convenient fast food drive-thru window nearby on our daily travels.
If we stop to get gasoline, we can run into the attached market to get a high-calorie coffee drink, some pizza, donuts, or packaged snacks for the road.
When we go to school--from primary grades through college campuses--we can find hot food stands, fast food counters, and vending machines overflowing with a vast selection of mini-meals and snacks.
If we visit a sick friend in the hospital or stop by an office building there's usually a cafeteria available--if not there are certainly vending machines.
And now, this weekend, I have really seen it all--not just a vending machine with snacks in the hotel where I stopped to spend the night in Springfield, Illinois; not just a vending machine to dispense a drink in case I needed something to quench my thirst in the hours between having dinner and retiring for the night. No, gentle readers, it was a vending machine that dispensed hot fast food.  Just in case I awoke during the night, before the continental breakfast service started at 6 am, and was too befuddled to make my way across the street to the Bob Evans or the McDonald's... or perhaps they were closed at this hour? Just in case, there is a vending machine in the hotel that will dispense for me a plate of hot wings, or a chicken sandwich, or french fries smothered with cheese.  On the outside chance that I had forgotten to pack some snacks to tide me over, or if I didn't find in the vending machine selection of candy bars and pretzels anything that I thought could possibly satisfy my hunger, and just in case I couldn't survive waiting the few hours until toast and cereal were available... thank goodness, I can get some hot and filling food RIGHT NOW!


Bloggerblog said...

yup..your absolutely right. where ever we go there's always food around. be it fast food restaurant of just a small kiosks selling kebabs or hotdogs. I my country you cant miss a turn without seeing a small stall selling "pisang goreng"(fried banana)or "nasi lemak"(coconut milk rice)..

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