Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Diet Products Really Work?

Do some research before you buy (and try) those herbal supplements, fat blocker pills, or painful injections that promise to melt the fat away. Here is a page on the FDA's site with specifics about diet products so you can find all the answers with just one click! click here


Anonymous said...

The best diet is the food pyramid!

pam said...

I lost 81 pounds and some diet products can help to increase your weight loss but diet and exercise are key to successful weight loss. A weight goal sheet is also another good tool to help you stay on track to your weight loss goals. And low calorie breakfast bars are a good addition to your diet plan they help you get through those busy on the go days, but again planning out your diet with a weight goal sheet is a great diet strategy. Also there are new studies that say vitamin D can help shed the pounds. A weight loss goal sheet really helped me lose the weight.

SocialCrazy said...

Very educational blog. Made me want to look through my kitchen again.