Friday, October 10, 2008

Help for the Dinner-challenged is HERE

INTRODUCING: THE VIRTUAL DINNER COACH (available in download or hard copy)
Designed by a registered dietitian to help you make balanced meals every night in a snap!

Make EASY MEALS IN MINUTES to serve your family at home!

Does figuring out what to make for dinner keep exhausting you?
No time to cook?
Not even time for grocery shopping?
Let THE VIRTUAL DINNER COACH help you figure out what to make every night of the week!

Use the simple list of staples, sample menus, and fast and easy recipes to coach you through an easy assortment of what to make your family for dinner!

Recipes for entrees, starches, "one-dish wonders", vegetables, and desserts
Ideas for what to serve when you don't have time to cook
Sample menus for two weeks (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks)
Shopping List Guide

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Comments from Moms who have previewed the VIRTUAL DINNER COACH

"The dinner coach has some great tips for busy Moms and novice cooks on using shortcuts currently available in the markets, plus easy, family-pleasing recipes."

(I'll keep posting comments here as they come in!)

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