Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Scale Can Be Your Friend

More research on helpful weight loss tips: weighing daily helps people track themselves and learn when to adjust their diet to maintain their weight! For years the standard recommendation was to weigh yourself weekly and expect one-two pounds of weight loss per week. While the one-to-two pound range is still a good idea for losing, the fact is you can easily gain this quickly as well. And when people slack off on monitoring their weight, that number can grow pretty high before you notice your clothing is too tight.

Weighing daily comes with some caveats:

1. You have to realize that daily fluctuations occur based on your water weight, which can be affected by sodium intake as well as hormones for women.

2. You will also weigh more if you are wearing heavier clothing (obvious, isn't it!)

3. And you will weigh more immediately after a large meal. Picture this: holding a large turkey dinner with all the trimmings plus dessert while standing on the scale. . . if the scale says you weigh three pounds more while you are holding the food in your arms, why wouldn't it say three pounds more immediately after you eat it and your stomach is holding it? It does exactly that! By no means is this the same as eating enough calories to gain three pounds of body fat, (which would be over 10,000 calories). After the food is processed and the waste excreted, you'll be back down at least 2-1/2 pounds!

4. Since day-to-day fluctuations are invariable it's important not to give too much attention to the number on any one day. Following daily weights in a log book, on a paper chart, or even on a computer graph can show you trends over time and help you get back on track when the numbers continue to rise. Likewise, if the numbers continue to decrease over time, you know you are losing real body weight; not just seeing a lower number on the scale due to dehydration because you didn't have enough water one day

So stay on top of your weight as you continue to eat healthy and adjust your calorie intake to get to your goal, and then use this monitor to help you stay just where you want to be!

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