Monday, December 8, 2008

My Favorite New Products

One of my very favorite snacks just came out in 100 calorie bags! Sold in a box of 5 packs, they are only slightly smaller than the vending-machine sized pouches. Same great tasting cheesy popcorn in just the right serving size! You just stop when the bag is empty and you've had a hundred calories. Cheesy, and easy--hard to beat.

Celestial Seasonings has brought out their holiday line of teas. Yum! My new favorite is gingerbread spice. I also have SugarPlum spice and plan to go back for egg nog and others. The egg nog package suggested pouring a little milk in with it. I tried that with the gingerbread spice this morning and it is really delicious.

Let me know what your low calorie favorite foods are and we can post them here to share with others :)

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Mr. Meltdown said...

What a great post from a great friend! Not only are you giving us the snacks, but now we have something to wash it down with. I just love Celestial Seasonings Tea! Call me crazy but I sometimes drink mine cold. I am not really a milk drinker but having it over ice works just as well for me. Thanks for the Tips!