Thursday, August 20, 2009

Help for Overweight Teens

My colleague Suzane sent me this list of 100 great resources for overweight teens.
Check out websites, books, even tv shows to help a teen you know to start getting into better shape. Find resources, fitness information, and recipes for a well-rounded plan to start eating right, becoming more active, and moving toward a healthier weight!


Fat Loss 4 Idiots said...

A new study says that “extremely obese people” (which is defined as being more than 80 pounds overweight) die as little as three years and as much as twelve years sooner than normal weight individuals. There could be a lot of reasons for this. The more obese a person becomes, the less they are probably moving around, exercising, and taking care of themselves. It’s like a snowball effect on your health and something that needs to be addressed now.

charlie said...

Thank you for the share. I also want to share this resource which I got from a friend of mine. You can check this here to see and read the information I was able to have.