Monday, September 7, 2009

Donate Your Jeans for a Good Cause

If you're like many women (myself included) you have some jeans stashed away in your closet, hoping to fit back into them one day.

Maybe you know you won't fit back into them but you just wish you would.

Maybe you associate them with memories of a time when you were younger (and more fit).

Maybe by the time you do fit back into them, straight legs (or acid-washed or bejeweled pockets or seams down the front) will not be in style any longer!

Here's a great idea: Donate your jeans to your favorite charity! It'll help clear your clutter, and give someone else a pair of jeans they can use right now :)

Hop on over to and see Stephanie explain more.

Here's the badge I proudly post to announce "I am getting rid of my skinny jeans"

Mine are going to the Belleville women's shelter where I hope someone likes wearing jeans that fit way low down on the hips.... I decided I don't!

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