Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture Breakfast

This morning my husband--a photographer--shared with me a site (  that is sponsoring a contest for people to enter pictures of breakfast.  Some of them are very art-y and do not even include food!

But I found it fascinating to see what people all around the world have for breakfast.  Some are hearty meals, some are on lovely plates, and many are just busy people drinking coffee in their car or at their computer.  There are eggs and pancakes and franks and beans.  There are boxes of donuts and platters of pastry.  There are muffins and waffles and plates of fruit.  Some people are eating in their dining room and others in restaurants.  Some have beautifully decorated place settings and others are eating on the go.

Coffee definitely dominates.  Eggs are abundant, as well as cereal (typical in American breakfasts).  Some of the pictures are quirky and some are not even of humans!  That just shows what you get when you leave things open to interpretation.

This one was my favorite because it looks healthy and colorful and filling.  It's titled "decadent breakfast" and it's submitted by David Province.

Check out the photos and see what you think.

What does breakfast look like to you?

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