Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5 Proven Weight Loss Behaviors

How are they proven?

Researchers surveyed people who had lost weight successfully to find out how they did it. These people all had several characteristics in common. If you can develop these it will greatly increase your chance at reaching your goal and maintaining your healthy weight.

1. They had previously acheived their weight loss goal. Even though they later gained weight back, they knew they had reached their goal before and knew they could do it again!

2. There were several dietary components of successful losers, including eating breakfast regularly, eating lower fat foods, and having meals at regular times on a daily basis.

3. They incorporated physical activity into their lifestyle.

4. On a personal side, they like themselves, their lives are stable, they have effective coping methods, and they have the confidence that they can lose weight!

5. Self monitoring was very prominent: people who lose weight successfully write down what they eat every day; keep a log of their physical activity; and weigh themselves frequently. These habits keep them keenly aware of when weight or behaviors are moving away from ideal.

Try adding these behaviors into your life, one step at a time. What can you do this week? Start a food diary? Simply write down what you eat! Can you take a few more minutes to be active during the day: a ten minute walk in the morning and the evening? How are your coping skills and your self-confidence? If these need help, get the guidance you need to set yourself up for successful weight loss.

Remind yourself every day that you can do it! Decide on an affirmation that will work for you and repeat it while you are getting ready for work, on the way there, while you wash your hands for lunch, on the way home--whenever you have a moment during the day. The more your brain hears that you can do it, the sooner you'll begin to believe it. And that's an important step to beginning your weight loss journey.


Mr. Meltdown said...

Great post with good information to think about. Thanks keep it coming Laurie!

Farmer*swife said...

I have so many blog friends and IRL friends having trouble with weight but trying to really get on top of it.

I'm going to write a blog post and include your website/blogs.

Thanks for replying to my HARO request. I'm going to see if the editor for would let me do an article about getting on track for the new year.

You would be a perfect resource. To quote and to provide your sites as links for parents to check out!

I'll be in touch if/when she takes me up on this!