Friday, November 7, 2008

Today I'd like to introduce Mr. Meltdown. We met each other on line and we are working together to achieve his weight loss, which he is very ready to do at this time! We have been chatting for a few weeks and I have been sharing some information with him about healthy eating, lower calorie food choices, and the truth about low carb diets. Today will be his first installment of the "Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight" program, so I'm interested to hear his reaction to all the information provided and how he will respond with actions.
The really fantastic news is that at this time he is willing to share with you his trials and tribulations. It will definitely make for some interesting reading: He's going to keep us posted on what works for him and what doesn't, what he is going through, how it feels to be where he is and where he's heading.
He has an entire blog with posts, products, podcasts, and videos! He is an excellent writer, and very in tune with his feelings and his relationship with food, so it is a rare chance to travel along with someone on this journey.
Visit him at and see his progress on both our blogs over the coming months.

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