Friday, August 22, 2008

43 things to do this weekend

This weekend, instead of snacking, here's a wildly fun thing to do if you have to be indoors. (If you don't have to be indoors you should be outside doing something active, burning calories, of course!)
There is a website called "43 things". I don't know how they came up with the number, but it's a fantastic, motivating, and fun place to be on the web. The idea is this: come up with a list of 43 things to do. You decide what you want to do and when you'd like to accomplish these feats. They range from the divine to the disastrous. Some are inspiring and some downright ridiculous. But all of them are so much fun to read.
There are people who aim to quit smoking, lose weight, run a marathon, or skydive. Some want to read certain books, write a book, do something they've always been afraid to do, or tell someone what they really think. Many members want to learn a craft, learn a new language, change careers, or travel to some exotic place.
You don't even have to come up with your own list. You can browse what others have decided to do and tag on to theirs. Some goals have hundreds of followers with the same intent of accomplishment. Popular ones include losing weight, learning to cook or sew, exercising more, quitting a bad habit, becoming more organized and being on time.
Less popular ones include dying your hair pink, hosting a talk show, and making a violin.

Mine? I only have six right now (I haven't updated for a while):

1) get rid of all the clothes in my closet (and dresser) that don't look and feel great on me!
(I'm the only one with this goal so far) My closet has really improved since I posted this goal. I think it will take a little more than a year (I have to go through a few seasons) but it's always on my mind when I dress and when I shop.

2) coach 100 clients so I can reach a Professional Certified Coach level
(I'm the only one with this goal, too). It's quite a lengthy process for this level of certification. It's going to take about five years. If anyone is thinking about being coached, it would help me out at the same time, as I continue to log my hours over the next few years.

3) finish knitting the sweater I started for my husband last fall
(No one else has this as a goal, but maybe they have other knitting projects they've started and have yet to finish) I also have started a sweater (or two) for myself, and a couple of pairs of socks for friends and family members... I just couldn't bear to list all of my unfinished knitting projects. It makes me dizzy to think about.

4) complain less
(Surprise! This is a goal I share with 818 other people on the site) It is a good idea and it's a win/win for everyone. Next time you get ready to complain about something, just try to phrase your statement in a more positive way: instead of "Ugh! It's raining again--I'm so tired of this weather" how about, "the plants sure must be enjoying this--at least we're not in the hurricane region". Try asking for what you want instead of pointing out what you don't want: "Honey, I'd really appreciate if you put the seat down when you're finished so I don't have to worry about falling in". It sounds so much less like nagging and complaining, and then people know exactly what you want--not what you don't want!

5) Take a "one-year off" trip
(This one I share with 240 people who also have it on their list) Hopefully we will be able to start traveling early in 2009 and continue for most of the year!

6) write an e-book
(No one else on the site is striving to do this right now)
I have two of them started; one is outlined and one is almost finished. I just have to break it up into smaller goals now to get each step taken care of, one at a time.

Post your goals on the '43 things site' or leave some here in the comments. Let us know how you're progressing with them and if we can be of any help!

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crazydaisy said...

I have one, too! I have to find it.... Then I found another site called 101 in 1001, or something like that. It's 101 things to do in 1001 days (like 3 years). That page ranges from miniscule, tedious tasks, to far-retched things, like saving 2,000 and visiting Italy, South America, and Iceland... I made one of those, too. I think I called it 'the ultimate to do list.' I actually ended up making mine into different categories, like social, artistic endeavors, etc, and lost count. But it's a great idea!