Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are You Tired?

Maybe you're just not getting enough sleep. Did you ever think of that?

Most people believe they have a vitamin deficiency, or that taking a supplement of some sort will give them the 'pep' they are lacking. Many search for herbs or beverages with an ingredient to perk them up. Others ask their physicians for B12 shots or some other quick fix they hope will make them stop dragging themselves around, day after day.

If it seems you never have enough energy, are always sleepy in the afternoon, never feel peppy enough to exercise or even to get up off the couch in the evening, consider this: You may not be getting enough sleep.

"But my life is too hectic," you argue, "and I'm up past midnight taking care of things that have to be done. There's just not enough hours in the day to spend two more of them sleeping!"

Well, what really has to get done? Are there things that can wait until tomorrow? Anything that can be delegated to another person? And what about hours spent surfing the internet or watching TV? Sure, they are relaxing and enjoyable hours for you, but would they better be spent sleeping? I think the answer is a resounding YES!

What can you do to start getting the sleep you need?

First of all, shoot for eight hours. I know you might believe that six hours is enough, but didn't you just say you feel tired all the time? That's a good indication that six hours (or whatever the hours you are currently sleeping) isn't enough for you.

Secondly, where can you find these hours? What can you give up during the day to be ready for bed at a decent hour? Can you watch one less hour of TV? Give up one hour of housecleaning to delegate to someone else? Save the paperwork for tomorrow at work?

Finally, set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Set an alarm if you have to. Let's say 11 pm is a reasonable bedtime. Do you get caught up in some activity until you look up and it's suddenly 1:30 am? Set your kitchen timer or wind up alarm clock for 10:50 pm. When the alarm goes off, wrap up your work--and I mean now. Get yourself into bed at 11:00 and get a decent night of sleep for a change.

Try this for one week and see if you notice a difference.
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