Friday, August 29, 2008

No Eating Zone

I hope you had a great and successful week so far, giving yourself positive ideas and making better and smarter choices with what you eat and how active you are. This weekend I have an idea that might help you eliminate some mindless eating: Establish a "No Eating Zone". This would be a place where you receive subtle cues to eat whenever you approach, even when you're not hungry.

Maybe it's the chair in front of the TV, the sofa where you curl up to read a good book, or your bed where you have a late night snack just before turning in. Some people find they eat to pass the time when they're in their car, on the phone, or at a relative's house. Some places cue us to eat because there are snacks involved as part of the event, like a ball game or a movie theatre.

Where is this place for you? Your desk at work or your sewing room? Your front porch or your neighbor's kitchen? Figure out where you are consuming extra calories when you're not even hungry and decide that will not be a place for you to eat anymore. Food is eaten to nourish our bodies, to enjoy in the company of others during a meal, to savor the flavors... but not to be consumed as a past time while we're already doing something else we enjoy!

Tell us about your "no eating zone", what you used to eat there, and how you feel about giving it up!

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