Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Reason Not To Diet

I say this a lot: "Going on a diet implies that you will eventually be going off your diet"... and then you have to consider what will happen when you go back to eating the way you were when you packed the weight on in the first place. Now here's yet another angle from which to view how being on a diet affects your mindset: Being on a diet is black-and-white thinking, also known as all-or-nothing thinking. It says, "You are either on your diet or you are off it".

So, what happens if you tell yourself you are 'on' a diet, and then you eat something that is not allowed on your diet? Bam! You are off your diet, just like that. Then what? Then the little devil in your mind says, "well, now that we've blown that, we might as well give in and have a piece (or two) of that leftover pie that's in the fridge".

What would be a better alternative to "going on a diet"? I suggest you tell yourself, "I am watching what I eat and making better choices most of the time". This gives you allowances for times that you are not perfect. And since none of us is perfect, that just makes sense. This way, if you have an extra helping of potatoes, indulge in a piece of pie, or accept the birthday cake offered at the office party and eat it before even realizing what you've done, you haven't blown anything. You've made a choice that didn't help you lose weight, but that happens. You haven't failed because you haven't set yourself up for failure.

From what I've seen, going on a diet sets you up to fail. There is little chance you can stick to a plan you set that doesn't allow for extenuating circumstances or even special occasions. So repeat out loud now, "I am watching what I eat and making better choices most of the time". And while you're at it, how about, "I am choosing to find a physical activity I enjoy each day and being active for at least 30 minutes".

Please leave your comments here and let us all know how these affirmations help you, or if you have another that works for you!

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