Friday, August 8, 2008

"Five-Tip" Friday to get you through the weekend

My clients often tell me they do so well on their diets all week, and then find the weekends difficult because they're out of their routines. Here are five tips you can learn now to help you get through this weekend without eating more than you'd like:

1. Plan your meals ahead of time: know what you're having for lunch and dinner before you finish breakfast
2. If you're going out for dinner, look up the menu on line ahead of time so you can decide what your best choice is before you get to the restaurant--and then stick with it. Using, you can check out the lower calorie items in restaurants within your own zip code
3. If you're already out and not sure what to eat, send a text message to 34381 (diet1) with the name of the dish and the restaurant... this website will text back the calorie content (for free!) This can help you decide that an afternoon iced coffee drink which contains 750 calories isn't really worth the calorie investment--you can have a zero-calorie iced tea instead, and enjoy a nice dinner later!
4. Plan a healthy dinner at home for one weekend evening--make it a fun one, whether you decide to grill out, invite friends over, or have a romantic meal with your loved one :)
5. Have an activity in mind so you're also burning off calories during your days off--go for a hike, a bike ride, or a new class at the local gym. Keep active and you'll keep right on track with your plan to balance your calories right up until Monday.

Don't let the weekend throw you off balance and lead you to regret your indulgences come Monday. Keep up with your plan every day of the week and, remember, the results will pay off both sooner and later!

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